[4:15:11] NCRC Chrono Series

The Chrono Series is NCRC's Time Trial series, providing a separate run group for a more exciting driving series much closer to a race format, and a "framework" for marque-specific time trial/challenge groups. Drivers race against the clock to set their best lap time (Chrono being Greek for "time") for the day, within the boundaries of key safety rules..

Season winners will be determined by selecting the best four Chrono finishes for each driver for the season. Drivers who participate in more than four Chrono events will have an opportunity to improve their scores, drivers who participate in fewer than four events will have fewer opportunities for season points.

2014 Season

We're again running the Chrono Series timed laps mixed in with the Open and Point-By groups (since we allow both Open and Point-By drivers to participate in Chrono), and let the entrants start at the front of the grid at the beginning of the session. This will allow you to get a couple clean laps in before getting caught up with all the regular open trackers. Rules in these groups will remain *open track* though - they won't become race groups, or groups where aggressive driving is tolerated. All five sessions will be used for timing results.

2014 Schedule

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The 2014 season will be run at the Thunderhill and Buttonwillow racetracks. The schedule is:


Registration for the Chrono series is through the NCRC web site registration process. Note that we expect high attendance for Chrono events, and it is your responsibility to be registered and paid early enough to guarantee a spot in the event.


Points are earned at each series event and are accumulated for the year-end championship. Points are awarded to the top 8 finishers for each class as follows:
1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 6 pts, 4th = 5 pts, 5th = 4 pts, 6th = 3 pts, 7th = 2 pts, 8th = 1 pt

Penalty points are subtracted from the day's score for each spin or major "off" (2/4 wheels on turn exit). Two wheels off at an apex is not a penalty. NCRC Management will reserve the right to assign a penalty for dangerous or overly aggressive driving. For one penalty, one point; two penalties = 3 points; 3 penalties= 6 points; four penalties and you're out of the event for the day.