NorCal S2K Chrono Series: Vehicle Points Summary

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Driver Name:
Car Number:
Total Aerodynamics Points:
Total Wheels and Tires Points:
Total Power and Engine Points:
Total Suspension Points:
Total Drivetrain Points:
Grand Total All Points:
Level 1 Front Aero: Aftermarket Front Bumper or any Aftermarket/CR lip3
Level 2 Front Aero: Anything more than Level 1 Aero (Disregard Points from Level 1 Aero)6
Level 1 Rear Aero: Aftermarket or Modified Rear Bumper1
Level 2 Rear Aero: Rear Diffuser3
Level 3 Rear Aero: Full Underbody Tray with Diffuser7
Vented Hood2
Vented Fender1
OEM/Mugen-Style Hard-Top2
Spoon-Style Hard-Top3
Vortex Generators1
Aftermarket Rear Spoiler or OEM Rear Wing1
Level 1 Wing: CR Wing or Smaller10
Level 2 Wing: APR GTC-200, Voltex 1500mm Wing or Smaller18
Level 3 Wing: Any Adjustable Wing bigger than APR GTC-200, Voltex > 1500mm25
Wing Stands higher than 245mm (does not apply to Level 3 wings)3
Gurney Flap (applies to any rear wing)1
Wheels and Tires
Any street tire: TW 140+0
Level 1 R-compound tire: NT01, RA1, R888, A048, PSC20
Level 2 R-compound tire: R6, V700, R130
Level 3 R-compound tire: V710, A6, C9140
225 Front tire size2
235 Front tire size4
245 Front tire size5
255 Front tire size6
265+ Front tire size8
265+ Rear tire size3
Wheel spacers over 8mm or total offset (including spacers) exceeding +382
Any deviation from original OEM staggered wheel setup up to 8" wide front and/or rear (includes non-OEM 17x7" Front /17x8.5" Rear)4
Any deviation from original OEM staggered wheel setup up to 9" wide front and/or rear.6
Any deviation from original OEM staggered wheel setup wider than 9" front and/or rear.8
Power and Engine
OEM AP2 2.2L Engine (inclusive of AP1 with 2.2L swap)2
Any aftermarket non-ram-air intake system or modification to OEM intake (incl. AUT cooling plate)1
Any aftermarket intake system that utilizes a snorkel or ram-air effect2
Individual Throttle Bodies3
Aftermarket header2
High-flow catalytic converter1
Cat-back exhaust2
Aftermarket Camshafts, or OEM mismatch1
Non-OEM pistons3
Thinner Headgasket / Decked Cylinder head2
Level 2 N/A: Each .1L displacement increase over 2.2L on F-series motor3
Level 2 N/A: Non F-series engine swap 3250cc and less20
Level 3 N/A: Non F-series engine swap greater than 3250cc35
Level 1 Forced Induction: Low Boost “out of box” Supercharger20
Level 2 Forced Induction: Any other F/I (Limited to 400whp on DynaPack for Modified class)35
ECU reflash, VAFC, Emanage, or OEM ECU mismatch (example: AP2 motor with AP1 ECU)3
Aftermarket programmable ECU (AEM EMS, Flashpro/Kpro, Haltech, etc.)3
Aftermarket or CR springs under 400 lb/in (7.15 kg/mm)2
Aftermarket springs 401 – 675 lb/in (7.16 – 12.06 kg/mm)4
Aftermarket springs 675+ lb/in6
Level 1 Dampers: Non adjustable including CR6
Level 2 Dampers: Single adjustable8
Level 3 Dampers: Double adjustable10
Level 4 Dampers: Triple adjustable14
Level 5 Dampers: Four way adjustable16
Any custom/aftermarket valving5
Any aftermarket front sway-bar2
Aftermarket rear swaybar1
Aftermarket suspension arms2
Additional camber adjustment (upper ball joint, lower, or both; one time penalty)3
Non-OEM Final Drive or AP1 w/ AP2 transmission1
Aftermarket clutch1
Aftermarket flywheel or AP2 w/ AP1 flywheel1
Carbon Driveshaft2
Carbon Axles2


  • NOS / Nitrous Oxide Systems
  • Use of gasoline over 100 octane

At any point in the day, the driver and car must meet the following minimum weights:

Minimum weight for Street-Modified Class is 2800 pounds with driver.
Minimum weight for Unlimited Class is 2750 pounds with driver.

For every 25 lbs under the weight limit, 10 point penalty will be added to the drivers point total. (2.5 lbs = 1 point).

Weigh-ins will occur at random and be administered by 2 Tech Inspectors.
On first violation, 20 lbs of leeway may be provided for variations in scales.